Well, summer is officially here and looks like the drought like conditions are here too.  As many of you have noticed, the greens are making a comeback.  With the efforts of my staff, the support of the Board and YOU as members, they are making fast recovery from where they were just a few weeks ago.  We have been topdressing and verticutting trying to fill voids.

I have heard some complaints from a few people on why we verticut greens.  Well here are the answers for you:  1) Improves mowing quality and surface smoothness, 2) Cuts laterally growing stolons and promotes an upright growth habit, 3) Opens grooves in the turf to help incorporate sand into the soil, 4) It removes thatch and grain.  Thatch is one of the worst things we can have on our greens.  Thatch is hydrophobic and doesn't allow water to penetrate into the soil and reach the roots as needed by the plant. 

Also, I don't know how many of you have noticed, the Board approved a new type of aerifier that we have been using versus the normal core aerifier that we have used in the past.  Yes, this doesn't replace core aerification that we will still need to do from time to time, but if we can open up the soil and get water, air and nutrients down to the roots, WE all will win.  We have also started to slice the fairways again this week to help get water down to the roots of the grass in the fairway to help with dry conditions. 

Another thing that I have been asked is why aren't you watering the golf course.  We are!!  The greens, tees and fairways are getting watered every night.  This is not the best thing for the greens as the grass has shorter root systems than the rest of the course.  We want to drive roots down but with what we lose on a daily basis because of evaporation we are having to help just keep things alive.  We are hand watering greens daily as well.  Along with this and the slicing of the greens, tees and fairways we are hoping to take advantage of the water that we have.  I want to give you a brief example of just how much water we are losing to evaporation on a daily basis.  Saturday July 8th the evaporation rate was .31”.  For us to replace the amount of water we lost to evaporation we would have had to start watering at 8:45 pm (dusk) and the water would still be running on the course till 11:48 am.  You would have to play in fairways being watered everyday just for us to keep up with current loss.  As I have stated before, we are getting 43 acre feet of water from the river a year.  That is 14,011,593 gallons of water.  We also get 72,000,000 gallons from the city.  If I water everything every night in our water window (time there is no play) I would use 193,241 gallons of water. Not enough to promote growth but to just help keep it alive.  We do water extra on Mondays to help with this however.

 Lastly, I would like to thank my staff for making sure that the Member Guest was a success.  I know in talking to the teams that played they had a great time.  I look forward to seeing you all on your course and hope to see you all play in the Guys and Dolls coming up next month. 


Trevor Ogden

Golf Course Superintendent

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