At Georgetown Country Club, we offer an all-inclusive, unlimited Golf Membership, a recreational Social Membership, and an Associate Membership.  Allow us to assist you when deciding which option best suits you and your needs.

The Club is owned by its members, governed by an elected Board of Directors, and managed by a professional staff. Further, the club has several operational committees who earnestly recognize the desires of the membership while also ensuring club policies are honored.

Right now is a great time to join us here at Georgetown Country Club!

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Membership Categories include:

Heritage Membership

Georgetown Country Club is currently offering a limited number of Full Equity Memberships. Membership privileges are extended to the primary Member, his or her spouse and unmarried dependent children who have not reached the age of 23. Full Equity Members will enjoy the use of all golf and clubhouse facilities as well as participate in Club related events. All Full Equity Members will be invited to participate in various clinics and summer Junior Camps. Full Equity Members may hold Committee and Board positions.

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Social Membership

Georgetown Country Club is currently offering a limited number of Social Memberships. A Social Member has the use of all clubhouse facilities including pool and tennis provided at Georgetown Country Club and to attend Club sponsored events.

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Associate Membership (ages 21-32, Over 70)

Georgetown Country Club is currently offering a limited number of Associate Memberships. Membership privileges are extended to individuals that have not yet exceeded 32 years of age and their spouse and dependents under the age of 18 or 70 years and older.  The Associate Membership will enjoy the privileges of full membership, including unlimited access to the golf course, club facilities and club functions.  These Associate Memberships shall not have the right to vote.

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