Course “Clippings”
February, 2020 


    This winter has been dry so far and with the course being dry we may have to restrict carts and maintenance vehicles to the cart paths. During the winter when the turf is dormant the grass does not stand up to a lot of traffic. Excessive traffic on dormant turf will wear the grass down to bare soil. To avoid this please use the following tips while on the course:

  • Avoid abrupt stops and sharp turns
  • Spread out  to avoid worn areas
  • Follow the 90-degree rule: stay on the path until you come even with your ball then make a 90 degree turn to the fairway and your ball. After your shot 90 degree back to the cart path
  • Avoid driving over sprinklers heads and yardage markers
  • Avoid pulling off the path near greens and tees
  • Please observe the signs and stakes that are placed on the course

February is usually our coldest month and that also means Frost Delay. Check with the Pro Shop for course conditions when the weather forecast has night time temperatures in the mid 30.
We will start applying our spring pre-emergent herbicides at the end of February and the first of March weather permitting. You may have noticed that we are trimming the trees on the course. We will be continuing with the pruning and opening up areas that limbs are obstructing shots

Brian McMinn, GCSAA
Georgetown Country Club