Course “Clippings”
January, 2020 


     2019 was a full year for the Club and the Course. For 2020 we will see continued improvement to the course throughout the year. I look forward to the up coming golf season as the course is maturing. I would like to extend my thanks to all the members that have helped the course last year. Their help and information benefited the course    greatly. With spring in the not to distance future we will be applying herbicides during the last week of this month to   control winter weeds. We have applied a pre-emergent herbicide to the greens to control Poa-Annua and we are getting very good results.
Winter is here and with it cold weather. Winter also means frosted greens. Frost on the greens also brings about the dreaded Frost Delay. Why have frost delays?  The proof can be in a footprint when it comes to frost. Walking across a green covered with frost will leave a trail of footprints. The damage will not be seen immediately but will emerge within 48 to 72 hours as the leaves die. The damage can be extensive as one foursome can leave several hundred footprints on one green. Usually a frost delay does not last for more than an hour but can be up to two hours. Also, along with  winter come shorter days and less sunlight. This delays the drying time on the course to dry out from rainfall. Please obey the cart path only signs when they are out. We are trying to make sure we have turf on your fairways throughout the winter months. The turfgrass cannot “spring back” from the traffic like it can in the spring and summer months so recovery is not there. This only delays spring green up and growth to the fairways. To help reduce the amount of cart traffic on the fairways try to double up in carts, just one less cart per group reduces the wear on the dormant grass.
My staff and I will be vigilant in monitoring the greens and will let the Pro-Shop know when it is safe to play the greens. Please keep in mind that if the greens on the course are closed to frost the putting green and the chipping green are also closed.
Check the Clubs Facebook page for updates, we will post the day before when the forecast is for freezing temperature and you can call ahead to the Pro-shop on mornings that the temperatures are in the 30’s and they will let you know if we are under any delays. 
Happy New Year from Brian McMinn and his entire Staff!

Brian McMinn, GCSAA
Georgetown Country Club