Course “Clippings”
May, 2019 

      April was a busy month for your maintenance crew. Over the past four weeks we increased our mowing schedules now that we are back into full-time growing season, and also tackled some additional course improvement projects.
      Many of you noticed the root pruning process completed around greens and tee boxes early in the month. This process severed the tree roots that had grown under greens and tees. Those tree roots leached water and nutrients away from the turfgrass, sabotaging our efforts to promote growth. With the roots gone we are starting to see increased growth in many of our traditional “problem areas”.
       I’m also happy to report that the long-requested leveling of #14 tee box has been accomplished. The new 419 Bermuda sod is growing in nicely, and we should be able to let golfers back onto the leveled portion of the tee within a few more weeks.

       And during the last week of April we also completed sodding of damaged areas on #2 & #3 greens with new TifEagle Bermuda from the King Ranch Turf Nursery outside Houston. Thank you for your patience and understanding during the period when those holes were closed to allow us to complete the project. Looking ahead we will purchase more sod to make repairs to additional greens, however there is a limited supply of TifEagle available in the area and we’ll have to wait a few weeks to get in our next palette to work with.
        I’d like to compliment my crew for the job they’ve done tackling these projects for the membership. And their hard work will continue in May. On May 6th we are scheduled to aerifiy the greens (weather permitting). I have stepped up our greens fertility program to make up for deficits from the winter, and this should allow for a rapid healing post-aerification. We’ve also begun regular verti-cutting and topdressing of the greens. We will be doing this every Monday unless other cultural practices are being performed. And now that the Bermuda grass is back growing full-bore, we’ll also begin applying herbicides this month to the fairways and green surrounds to combat the unsightly weed encroachment we’ve seen this spring. 

Brian McMinn, GCSAA
Georgetown Country Club