Course “Clippings”
November, 2019 


     With late fall is here and winter not far away we are going to have some frosty mornings. We will start having light frosts this time of the year that will cause only a short delay in tee times. On mornings when we have a frost or hard freeze, I may have to close the greens to play until the frost or ice has melted. The frost itself does not harm the greens, but walking on the frozen grass blades does. When there is frost present on the greens, the normally resilient grass blade becomes brittle and breaks when stepped on, killing the grass. The damage from walking on frosted greens will not be immediate but will show up within 48 to 72 hours. The grass does not grow back, so a footprint made on frosted green will be there all winter. Any damage can be repaired, but at this time of the year recovery will take until spring to fully heal. A short delay while the frost melts can preserve the quality and health of the greens. When the temperatures are in the mid 30’s and there is a delay due to frost or freeze, I will inform the Golf Shop the day before so that tee times can be arranged accordingly. Please call ahead to see if the course is under a delay. When the fairways and rough go dormant cart traffic will cause a lot of wear. Please use the cart paths as much as possible as not to wear out the grass and cause bare areas.

From the Golf Course Crew have a happy Thanksgiving.

Brian McMinn, GCSAA
Georgetown Country Club