Course “Clippings”
March, 2019 


       Well, we’ve made it to March. I appreciate the patience of all our golfers as we dealt with wet conditions and frost delays throughout the bulk of February. And though Old Man Winter may not be done with us yet, heading into the next several weeks we should hopefully see some warmer temperatures and the return of better playing conditions.
       As many of you saw throughout February, the greens are reacting to this typical central Texas winter weather by greening up after a couple of days of warmer temperatures, then shutting back down with the next cold snap. Every time the grass starts greening up it uses up its energy stores and those have to be continually replaced. When you see us spraying the greens this time of year we’re primarily concerned with returning nutrients to the turfgrass. 
      Also, the Poa Annua on the greens was sprayed two weeks ago, and we’re now seeing slowed growth and dissipation of the plant. This will promote smoother, more consistent putting surfaces as the chemical application continues to attack the Poa over the next few weeks.
      As we re-enter our growing season, you will start seeing a lot more on-course maintenance activity. We have several projects that we’ll begin this month, including aerifiying the fairways and resuming regular top dressing of the greens. I will also be applying pre-emergent herbicide to the fairways to prevent weed growth. I prefer to spray on Mondays, but it is weather dependent, so if you catch up to me on a fairway during the week while I’m spraying please wait until I have stopped to hit your ball, so I don’t risk missing an area or over-spraying an area while trying to get out of the line of play.
      Finally, I hope everyone has noticed that the wet area around #15 green is now dry. We were able to locate a drain line and divert the overflow from the greenside spring into that line, so the water is now being drained down to the river. The makeshift footbridge has been removed, so you’ll have to travel to St. Andrews now to get your photo taken on the real Swilcan Bridge!


Brian McMinn, GCSAA
Georgetown Country Club