Course “Clippings”
October, 2020 

This season the course has seen a lot of improvement especially with healthier greens and fairways, two of our tees were leveled and we repurposed the usable sod from the tee’s to bare areas. We continued with hand watering the greens, this especially helped during the triple digit temperatures and no rain; we will still hand water as needed. This along with raising the cutting height and good fertility is the reason the greens are in good shape. I will be raising the cutting height later this month to help prepare for winter. We will not be over seeding the greens again this year. One reason is so that we can get control of the Poa Annua, the herbicides that control Poa Annua will also remove over seed. The other reason is for a quicker Bermuda recovery in the spring.
We will be applying our fall pre-emergent to the fairways mid month. The greens will continue to be fertilized with products that will improve winter hardiness. We will also continue with seasonal appropriate fungicides.
  As a reminder, Please return your cart to the cart path before you get to the greens. We will be roping off areas of the course that is showing a lot of wear from traffic. We will soon be going to cart path only during the winter months, Bermuda grass is dormant during the winter and excessive cart traffic will damage the turf. Last winter’s efforts really helped to have the fairways in better condition.

Brian McMinn, GCSAA
Georgetown Country Club