Course “Clippings”
August, 2018 

      Well summer was here in full effect in July.  We had a day where the temperature was 114 out on the course and several other days over 100 degrees.  Temperatures like that create a lot of stress on turfgrass, but we are working diligently to keep the course irrigated and in as good a shape as possible.
       Rainfall plays an important part in keeping any course lush and green in the summertime, and unfortunately we received only 1.9 inches in the month of July, all in the first week.  If we were to water according to the daily ET (evapotranspiration) rates we would be putting out over 435,000 gallons of water a day to replace what was lost the day prior. However, we have not been permitted to utilize the San Gabriel river for irrigation this summer because of drought restrictions.  Meanwhile, we receive only 200,000 gallons per night in effluent water from our City pipeline. This means we are having to ration the amount of water utilized for different areas of the course, resulting in the drier conditions we’ve experience on fairways and tees as we’ve moved through the summer.
      At the end of July we put down a second granular fertilizer application on the fairways, and also aerified the fairways, tees and greens during the month.  We also applied compost to several tees to help hold moisture and keep them from becoming rock hard. Finally, I’m happy to report that the new greens nursery is sprigged and we are starting to see growth, and hope to be able to utilize plugs from the nursery before the end of the growing season. Thanks to the Legacy donations provided by members that allowed us to complete this important addition to the golf course.
       In closing, I’d encourage all our members to obey cart path rules, use the 90-degree rule whenever possible, and try to limit cart traffic on the fairways and in the roughs as much as you can. The less golf cart compaction on the turf, the better your lie will be when you’re playing that next shot!


Trevor Ogden, MCPTM
Class A Golf Course Superintendent