Course “Clippings”
June, 2018 

      As I write this article we have just completed a busy Memorial Day Weekend. I hope everyone was able to get out and do something fun at the Club with their friends and loved ones.
     June has arrived, and with the warmer weather the greens that were set back this winter are finally starting to come around. With the hot temperatures we will be continuing to water throughout the day to help keep turf healthy. Even on windy days watering provides a cool mist to help turfgrass stay cool and hydrated. 
     Speaking of water, Williamson County is in a state of drought enforced by the Governor and we are limited in the amount we can pull from the San Gabriel and the City. As the dog days of summer are here please try and limit the amount of cart traffic on the fairways so when we do get some rain we will still be in good shape.
     In June we will be doing an aerification of the greens with small holes to help get water and air down to the roots. We will also be slicing fairways to help do the same, and continuing to fertilize the course as needed to promote growth.
     In closing, I would like to thank Juan Mota for his years of service to GCC.  Juan has taken a job in the oil fields in Sonora near his family.  Juan was here at GCC for over 25 years.  Juan is still around the Georgetown area from time to time so if you see him out and about please tell him thank you.


Trevor Ogden, MCPTM
Class A Golf Course Superintendent