Course “Clippings”
August, 2020 

August, the heat is on. Temperatures in the upper 90’s and in to the 100’s, wind, and low humidity is giving our irrigation system a work out. We are watering the course as much as possible with the greens and tees being a priority. As you have seen we are hand watering the dry areas on the greens. By hand water we are able to apply water directly to the areas that need it the most. When we are watering our fairways it takes 10 hours to complete that cycle, when we add in greens or tees it stretches into 11 to 12 hours. We will let the Golf Shop know when we are turning on fairways and if the cycle is starting on the front nine or back nine.   Our water budget for this time of year is covering our needs, I have not had to use river water yet, this is due to closely monitoring the moisture needs of the greens. This is done by visual inspection, electronic moisture meter readings and spot watering. I have also used a lot of wetting agents to help the greens retain moisture. During this time of year when driving your cart please use the cart path until you reach where your ball landed. The areas in front of the tees are wearing down and with high temperatures the grass does not recover as fast.
                We have completed the tee renovation to 9’s white and blue and will be ready or Gus and Dolls. We are slowly expanding the greens back to where the original edge used to be. You will see scalped areas along the edge. We am doing this in increments so that there is not a large scalped area, it does not take long for the grass to recover and we should soon have our greens close to the original size.

Brian McMinn, GCSAA
Georgetown Country Club