Course “Clippings”
August, 2019 


     As we roll into August, the heat is definitely on. The last few weeks of July brought a halt to the steady rainfall we’ve received throughout the year, and low humidity levels now persist throughout the region. As expected, you’ll see the turf on the course begin to dry out a bit and lose some of its lush green color during this period of high heat, low humidity and lack of rainfall.
    We continue to irrigate on the Course as much as possible, with the greens complexes and tees being a priority. We also irrigate fairways and roughs at specific intervals. And while we budget to use more water this time of year, we are also working to be responsible with our water use, by regularly making visual inspections and taking electronic moisture readings on the greens, and by hand-watering specific areas of the greens complexes when needed.
     I cannot stress enough that during this time of year, when driving your golf cart please use the cart paths whenever possible. Also, stay on the lookout for areas where grass is thinning or discoloring, and keep your golf cart away from those areas. When conditions are hot and dry, damage caused to turf from golf cart traffic takes longer to recover, and we need everyone’s assistance in helping us remain in great playing shape.
     I’ve had some questions about some of the grass turning white around the Course. This is from the application of a herbicide that controls “goosegrass”. While killing off that pesky weed, the herbicide also causes some discoloration in the underlying Bermuda grass.
     Several members have also commented on some of the scalped areas around the edges of some greens. This is intentional, as we are slowly expanding the greens back to where the original greens edge used to be. We do this by lowering the mowing height on the greens collars, then allowing the grass to recover and adjust to being mowed at that height again.
     Thanks to each of you for your assistance in helping us keep your Course in great shape. We’ll see you out there enjoying August golf!


Brian McMinn, GCSAA
Georgetown Country Club